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Amazon FBA

So you've decided to take the plunge and start a business? That's awesome! It takes courage, grit, and lots of trial-and-error. But don't get discouraged--you're in great company: millions of entrepreneurs are just like you, navigating the challenges as they go about their days. We want to help change all that. That's why we created Vandor Agency's Amazon business planning service--the first step towards becoming a next-level seller on any marketplace.

There are a lot of ways for businesses to get their products into the Amazon marketplace, but if you're like most small business owners, figuring out where and how to start can be overwhelming without professional assistance. You see--trying do it on your own is just too time-consuming! If you don't want to spend hours reading through pages of information and direction and organizing things in a way that makes sense so you feel confident going forward, we can help. We'll analyze your product needs and then give you a plan with step-by-step instructions as well as access to our team members who will provide guidance throughout the process. 

Product Setup
and Launch

Content Optimization Management

Getting your products optimized on Amazon is more important than you think. It's no secret that Amazon now dominates the market when it comes to online sales, and with so many other retailers vying for your customers' attention, getting your product out there is crucial to success. That's why our team at Vandor Agency has dedicated years of experience in different processes, so no matter what products you sell on Amazon, we'll be able to optimize the listings and improve the customer experience for more conversions.

To defeat your competitors in the worst niche market imaginable, it helps to have an expert on your side. You're going up against retailers that are also competing harder than ever before, and we know the best way to outsmart them is by fighting fire with fire. With our expertise, we can take care of everything for you! We offer things like monitoring inventory quantities so they stay fresh while making sure the product details blow away the competition. 

Amazon Account Management

SEO Services

The quick, easy way to improve your Amazon rankings and get more customers is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization improves the ranking of products on a site like Amazon by making sure that it shows up higher in product searches than other similar items from competitors. This strategy also helps optimize keywords so that when people do find you, they are looking for exactly what you have!

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"Vandor Agency is a trusted partner who takes an approach to your business that will make you successful. Alex, one of our many talented experts, can provide insight into the best ways for us to work together and what we need from each other in order to grow- he's committed towards mutual success!


Vandor Agency offers expert knowledge on how they'll help take care of all aspects of growing your company. It's a chance worth taking because when their team has come up with strategies tailored just for you...your business is sure headed toward growth."

Dylan Howard, CEO / Empire Media Group


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